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EardisleyEardisley is a village of about 550 inhabitants on the “Black-and-White Trail” in North Herefordshire in the Welsh Marches. The village has many timbered buildings along its high street. Recent work on timbers in these buildings has revealed that some parts date back to the 14th century.

It has a thriving village school, two pubs (one incorporating a post office), several shops and a beautiful church - St Mary Magdalene’s - with a celebrated Norman font.

Eardisley is also well-known for its fine church font. A Norman font of the Herefordshire School, carved with allegorical figures, it bears some resemblance to the carvings at Kilpeck in south Herefordshire. It is particularly notable for its combination of intricate Celtic knotwork patterns with Norman figures, and remains used for baptisms.

Aside from its physical features, Eardisley has a healthy community . Village pantomimes have entertained people from far and wide for many years, and regular flower festivals showcase the talents of florists, local artists, and the WI.



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